Jochen Mura

Jochen Mura makes architectural constructs out of cardboard, acrylic glass, and other light construction materials, arranging them in changeable constellations in the space. Recent works involve allusions so-called utility ducts: glass façades and staircases from offices and apartment buildings question the canon of modernist architecture, turning it into objects of own order, with a sense of non-functionalism.

»Mura has called one of his workgroups »homework«. It involves smaller wall-mounted objects constructed of cardboard that act as standard houses with affluently glazed façades. The serial, monotonous rendition of the fronts shows little creative intent and characterizes rather contemporary buildings of average, as opposed to unusual, architecture. Their mere aspect reveals that these models are not really suited for use as proposals for model buildings, particularly since they are neither three dimensional nor can they be circumnavigated by the spectator. The small, compact house sculptures do not work in a stable manner but are suspended in a condition between construction and deconstruction. What blights a city, however, can also win aesthetically in terms of sculptural form and therefore contribute as an art object. By reposing the question of what defines a model, Mura gains a special appeal.« (Renate Puvogel, 2010)

Works by the artist were presented as well in a double exhibition with Britta Bogers in 2011 as in several group shows by the gallery, for instance »1:X Raum/ Modell«, »Halte dich fern von offenen Fenstern« and »Neubau«.




born in Aachen

lives and works in Aachen


Full House –  10 Jahre, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

Jetzt, Kunstverein Mönchengladbach
picture this, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

Kunstraum No. 10, Mönchengladbach

Neubau, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

Leeren, Lücken, Mängel und Poröses, Forum für Kunst und Kultur, Hergozenrath (solo)
about sculpture 2, Ladyfitness Contemporary, Berlin
RAVI, space collection, Lüttich
Too close to home, Kunstverein Unna (solo)

Halte Dich fern von offenen Fenstern, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

Mensch/Maschine, Kunsthalle Darmstadt
Konsens, B32, Maastricht

Benda Gallery, Verviers
Rasche Ripken, Berlin (with Britta Bogers)
Space Collection, Maastricht
Kunstraum No. 10, Mönchengladbach

Gallery in situ, Aalst (with Robin Vermeersch)
Raum & Objekt VIII, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen
Kunstverein Aalen
Hausaufgaben, Regio IT, Aachen

1:X Raum/Modell, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
Lücken, Hedah, Maastricht (solo)
Marquettes en Modellen, Stedelijk Museum, Aalst
Kunstraum No. 10, Mönchengladbach

Geschossbauten, Perron1, Delden (solo)

(Re-)Constructions & Proposals, Gallery in situ, Aalst (with Patricia Smith)
Rational, Mehrwert Aachen (solo)

Kunstraum No. 10, Mönchengladbach (solo)
In den Raum gedacht, Kunsthaus Essen

Bauflucht, Brühler Kunstverein, Brühl (solo)
Naherholung, Kunstverein Region Heinsberg (solo)
Insight, Gallery in situ, Aalst (with Luc Hoekx)

Good News, Galerie Stefan Rasche, Münster

Begrenzte Szenarien, Raum für Kunst, Aachen (solo)
Zugang, Preventorium Dolhain (solo)

Forum für Kunst und Kultur, Herzogenrath