Jochen Mura

The gallery will be showing new works by Jochen Mura in a solo show titled »Verdichtungen« (Condensations), which runs from September 7 to November 3, 2018.

The artist develops objects and installations based on architectural forms, types, and structures. His preferred materials are simple, and include wood, cardboard, and acrylic glass. Out of these he produces works for the wall and floor, as well as three-dimensional pieces, all of which have their own minimalist order and scaled-down color schemes. This is also true of his latest cycles of works, which comprise the centerpiece of the current show.

»Minimal«, for example, is a series based on floor plans for very small, functional apartments designed in 1928 by various architects for CIAM, an international conference for modern construction. Mura translates these blueprints into glass grid structures colorfully painted on the back, blending them into complex, nested wall objects.

Added to this are the »Blackouts«, a series of large curtains that Mura has embellished with various façade designs, some which are partially perforated. In this way, he takes the curtain – actually used at the threshold between the private and public sphere to regulate light and protect against the gaze of strangers – and turns it into an ambiguous, transparent visual medium in space.

The show opens on Friday, September 7, at 7 pm in the presence of the artist.




born in Aachen

lives and works in Aachen


Transparenz und Blickdichte, Marburger Kunstverein
(with Friederike Walter)
Verdichtungen, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
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1:X Raum/Modell, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
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Kunstraum No. 10, Mönchengladbach

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