Fabian Warnsing

Still life, interior, urban landscape: in Fabian Warnsing’s paintings the predominant genre is classic figuration. The artist, however, drives it toward a kind of demonstrative contemporaneity that is effective in a double sense: one that deals with motif – in that he supplements painting’s traditional inventory with ordinary objects from consumer and pop culture – and another that works in a formal sense, through a striking visual vocabulary with enormous presence. Behind their array of myriad mundane objects, his large compositions, most of them starkly colorful, allow for the perception of an idiosyncratic structural plan playfully tending toward the unstable.

He usually begins with drawings and digital sources, organizing his motifs on the canvas in accordance with them without paying overmuch attention to the rules of perspective or harmonious proportions. Sometimes a single object takes on a surprising, yet uncontestable pictorial value; at others, it is as if the painter has used a building kit to manufacture extremely dense urban spaces. There are also abstract passages, pure planes of color, voids inserted among things. He also paints patterns and grid structures that temporarily pen up the pictorial space.

At the same time Fabian Warnsing has a special fondness for the picture within a picture, which he employs to achieve a first-class scenic change in the figurative motif. There are also logos, writing, and signs, whether they are neon signs on the roofs and façades of buildings, or of the type seen at outlets and discounters – in praise of a beautiful, colorful consumer world.




born in Unna

Academy for Art and Design, Enschede

Academy of Fine Arts, Münster,
master student of Prof. Cornelius Völker

2018 ff.
artist promotion program, Volksbank Münster

lives and works in Berlin


A remedy for a broken eye, Rasche Ripken, Berlin (solo)
NEUN: Der Förderpreis Kunst, Münster
Berlin Praha Barter, Trafo Gallery, Prague
Halbtraum, Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf

Double happiness, Kunstverein Duisburg
10 Jahre, 10 Dinge, 10 Gäste, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

Neuland. Junge Kunst aus der Kunstakademie Münster, DZ Bank, Düsseldorf
Förderpreisausstellung der Freunde der Kunstakademie, Kunsthalle Münster
Kunst in der Region, DA Kunsthaus, Gravenhorst
Never mind exploring, Kunstverein Hamm
Good News – Malerei Plus, Kunstverein Ahlen
Verschärft mit Pascal Brinkman, Galerie Neuland, Bochum

20 Artists, 8765 km, 75 qm, Oh La Art Space, Shanghai
Licht in Szene, Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen (solo)

Malernormaleaktivitäten, Landesvertretung NRW, Brussels