Rik De Boe

Rik De Boe, who also teaches graphic arts and is founder and curator of the Voorkamer in Lier, a contemporary artist-run space, has been making black-and-white charcoal drawings in identical formats for years. Their thickly atmospheric effect reminds one of film images, and in his drawings, sections of façades and interiors, mirrors, windows, and blinds repeatedly encounter each other, revolving not only around perceptual processes, as in a camera obscura, but also evoking memories of images saved in the mind.

»The re-contextualization of an image stands at the center of Rik De Boe’s charcoal drawings. Humble in scale, the works utilize a point of departure embedded in collective memory. The pictorial details depict ordinary yet powerful visual triggers derived from movie stills, daily objects, and so forth in the service of the black and white modulation – leaving memorabilia rather than drawings. Like Xerox copies of our collective consciousness Rik De Boe’s realism reverses interpretation and manifests images as forensic evidence.« (Marc Hungerbuhler, 2010)




born in Ninove, Belgium

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent

Higher Technical Institute Sint-Antonius, Gent

1st Prize for graphic arts, Flanders

1st Prize for graphic arts, Flanders

seit 1990
Teacher for graphic and drawing, Academy of Fine Arts, Brussel

1st Prize Jacques De Leger

Founder and curator of artist-run space Voorkamer, Lier (with Peter Morrens)

Professor for drawing, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent

lives and works in Ninove, Belgium



Between zero and one. Alexander Pankin and the Avantgards, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moskau
ZOOM, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
The Gulf Between, Cultuurhuis de Warande, Turnhout
Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses, Gallery Sofie Van De Velde + BRAFA, Antwerp

Full House – 10 Jahre, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
8. Biennale der Zeichnung, Kunstverein Eislingen
Work Flow, Tentoonstellingszaal Zwijgershoek, St. Niklaas

picture this, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
wordswordswords, G262 Sofie van de Velde, Antwerp

De laatste show, Voorkamer, Lier
Die van Aalst, Villa De Olmen Wieze, CC Belgica Dendermonde, Galerie De Vos, Aalst, Galerie EL, Welle, Zebrastraat, Gent
Field notes and dirty drawings, Z33, Hasselt
Dopplereffekt, Voorkamer, Lier

Neubau, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
Enlightened Fountains (reasons to be cheerful), Loods 12, Jan Colle Gallery, Gent
Horizonten en Meer, G262 Sofie van de Velde, Antwerp (with Johan De Wilde)
Netwerk Museum, Centrum voor hedendaagse Kunst, Aalst

Aanzichten en Meer, Rasche Ripken, Berlin (with Johan De Wilde)
BRRL, Galerie EL, Welle
Nieuw, Nouveau, Neu, Voorkamer, Lier
Ideaal: Rik De Boe & Johan De Wilde, Loods 12, Wetteren
Halte Dich fern von offenen Fenstern, Rasche Ripken, Berlin

4 aus Belgien, Rasche Ripken, Berlin
Broadcast Gallery, Dublin

Stijlfiguren, Secondroom, Antwerp
The thing that('s) left, Dean Project, New York
Cinema, Voorkamer, Lier

In-and-outside-writing, Voorkamer, Lier
Alarums and Excursions, Frontroom Gallery, New York
Grafiek ontrafeld, VIZO Collection, Museum Sint-Niklaas
Les Brasseurs, L'Annexe, Liège

The power of drawing, Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Brussel
One Thoresby Street, Nottingham
Zweierlei, Morrens & De Boe present Voorkamer, Kunstraum Klingenthal, Basel
Pattern recognition, White Space Gallery, Peking

Verwantschappen, Z33, Hasselt
Goethe Institut Rotterdam, Filmfoyer Tilburg, Galerie De School, Groede Blikopenerfestival, Delft
Testbeeld, Croxhapox, Gent
- 10 + 2 ½, Voorkamer, Lier

Found, Gevonden, Trouvé, Voorkamer, Lier
Multiples and Editions II, Frontroom Gallery, Williamsburg
Morrens & De Boe present: tekeningen en tekeningen, Galerie EL, Welle

Testbeelden – tekeningen, Hermitage, Helmond
Sound Watch, Bandits-mages Festival, Bourges
Four Walls, Film Club, Brooklyn

3. Heilige Geest (Einde), Voorkamer, Lier
Screenings sound watch, Art Cinema OFF, Gent
FIDmarseille, International Documentary Filmfestival, Marseille
KASK week, Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Gent

Event 01, Netwerk, Centrum voor hedendaagse Kunst, Aalst
Argos Festival, Belgian Focus, sonorama, Brussel
[pfmz] fünfzehn mex, Künstlerhaus Dortmund
SKOP, Experimentelle Musik und Kunst im interdisziplinären Kontext, Frankfurt/Main

Zie tekening, Museum Van Campen & Baron Caroly, Lier
Sight-mapping, Site-seeing, New Media Art Festival, Bangkok
Sound Watch, video-project, Gallery Surge, Tokyo
Gallery Surge Tokyo – Puddles 2004, part 1: Low Fish performance and installation; part 2: Video collaboration W Cube Members, Yoshimichi Takei, Yosuke Ito

Soon, Frontroom Gallery, Williamsburg
Beeld in park, Felix Hap Park, Brussel
28 seconds: a film-project in the mid-Atlantic cable market, USA
Video-concert Low Fish, Galerie Rachel Haverkamp, Cologne

Kinderkunstenfabriek, FLACC tuinwijk, Genk-Waterschei
Sight-mapping, Site-seeing, Videoart Center, Out-lounge gallery, Watanabe Building, Tokyo
Zeeberg, Centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Aalst
Fricties, International project for intermedia, Gent
Video Art Center, Tokyo, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent

Room pr, Voorkamer, Lier
Casa Rural, Pianofabriek Brussel
IM – on very special brief occasions, Koolmijn Waterschei
Puddles, Sumiso, Osaka

Hotel, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Nijmegen
Geen tijd, Parkgarage, Lier