From 29 March to 29 June the gallery is showing a group exhibition under the title »ZOOM«, featuring new artworks from Rik De Boe, Ralph Merschmann, Jan Ros, and Hein Spellmann.

Rik De Boe has been making charcoal drawings in identical formats for years. Their atmospheric effect reminds one of film images, and in his drawings, sections of façades and interiors, mirrors, windows, and blinds repeatedly encounter each other, revolving not only around perceptual processes, as in a camera obscura, but also evoking memories of images saved in the mind.

The paintings by Jan Ros do not deny their photographic ancestry. Whether architecture, window-interiors or cityscapes, the process of painting always begins with photographies, yet proceeds from there to question the special conditions required to (re)produce an object in the medium of paint.

Ralph Merschmann’s explorations in painting aim for a maximum of visual complexity. Beginning with colorful spots and circles, the artist successively organizes his paintings – that is, by layering modular figures so that they become rich, ornamental compositions, testifying to a substantial expertise.

Hein Spellmann begins with detailed photographs of urban architecture and turns them into façade objects, organized on the wall as individual pieces. His original interest was in typical Eastern European »Plattenbau«, but in the meantime he has expanded his architectural repertoire to include other forms, such as the façades of apartment houses, industrial buildings, or storefronts.

The exhibition will be open on Friday, March 29.